Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1. Can you sleep in your wigs?

Yes, all the units can be worn for multiple days at a time. However, it is important to style the wig in a protective style at night like braids and cover the hair with a silk or satin bonnet or scarf.

Question 2.  How do you install your lace units?

You can install our wigs multiple ways.

  1. Sew elastic band into the wig to fit snug. Place it on and go!
  2. Use adhesives such as lace wig glue or tape the front of your hairline and style as usual.
  3. Sewing it on.
  4. Use the clips and band already installed in unit.

Question 3. How long do full lace units last?

One year and longer depending on personal care of the unit.

Question 4. How often do you wash your lace units?

Once weekly and seal the knots with knot sealing spray after every wash. Never pull, brush, or comb roughly while wig is wet. It is very fragile, and lace will tear if you aren’t careful with your unit.

Question 5. What products can you use to care for your lace units?

Products designed for human hair. The least amount of product the better to avoid build-up on your wig.

Question 6. How often should I deep condition my units?

Every wash with silicon mix and conditioner. Do not use methods that will jeopardize the integrity of the hair.

Question 7. Can my unit be curled or flat ironed?

Yes, our units are made from 100 percent human hair! Can be bleached, dyed, curled, and straighten. However, we do not recommend altering the state of the unit with harsh chemical to avoid jeopardizing the integrity of the hair.

Question 8. If I am not satisfied with my unit can I return it?

Yes, money back guaranteed! Please read our return policy.

Can I cancel an order?

Yes, you can cancel an order as long as it hasn't entered shipping status. We ship quickly so please contact us for assistance!

Can I get a refund on a stolen package?

No, we appreciate our customers and want to be fair. We provide tracking numbers through FedEx to ensure delivery was made. Please be certain that you entered the correct shipping details and have arrangements made for your package(s) if you will not be home to accept it. We are not to held responsible for stolen goods